Our Squad Nights start at 8:30 PM (2030 hours) AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) and AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time), which is 1030 hours GMT / Zulu (0930 hours GMT / Zulu during Australian Daylight Savings) - but you're likely to find one of us online any time - we have many addicts. LOL

Sundays - IL2: 1946 - Full-tick
Mondays - IL2: 1946 - HUD-view settings - click here for details
Tuesdays - Cliffs of Dover
Wednesdays - Cliffs of Dover
Thursdays - IL2: 1946 - Normally, member-only training
Saturdays - Cliffs of Dover
Sunday mornings - Cliffs of Dover
We also fly Compromise settings - click here for details

(In all cases, each item on the first settings screen is turned ON)

more details here


We meet in the Hyperlobby, Steam and via our Teamspeak chanels.


We often have inter-Squad Matches - a source of great enjoyment, regardless of the outcome. Click here to send the CO an email to throw the gauntlet