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The RAAF is a friendly place to be and we want it to stay that way. We are always looking for pleasant company .........

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Applicants will be tested for attitude (first) and skill (second) before being accepted as a recruit (this is our "Recruit Test"). We conduct training courses, so lack of skill is not a problem. We will also provide you with a game-based Recruit Test to assist us with our Training Programme. This will be in either Cliffs of Dover or IL2:1946, or both if you like.

After acceptance, new Recruits can use _RAAF_ in their Online name and they will be on probation in the Recruit Squadron for one month.

Recruits will then be progressively integrated into established Squadrons as they get to know people. New members should identify who flies at the same times as them and try out for those Squadrons. We have members in Europe, Japan and USA, as well as Australia!

To join our Squad:

You Must:

1. NOT use _RAAF_ in your Online Name until authorized

2. Read and agree to our Rules.

3. Decide you like us - scan this website; fly with us.


4. Send an email to our Commanding Officer stating your Online Name and the country you live in (and city, if in Australia).

5. Pass "The Recruit Test". We like potential recruits to fly with us for a little while before being accepted for membership. To apply for "The Recruit Test", meet any of us online.

6. After passing "The Recruit Test", your membership will be approved by 2 Command Executive members.

7. You will then receive a welcome email:

- confirming your membership acceptance,

- approving the change to your Online Name, and

- giving member-only information.

Then ....... enjoy yourself!

Home Page
Home Page